CentraState Associated Auxilliaries presents

Orders must be submitted by Wednesday, February 8th.
Pick up will be on Friday, February 10th outside the Jack Aaronson Conference Center, by Liberty Café.

Click here for an order form to be emailed to vamph1@verizon.net

Please contact Geri with any questions about the sale 732 221 7125

Just in time for your Super Bowl party!

BOX A (serves 1-2): celery, carrots, ranch, cheddar, salami, crackers, mixed nuts

BOX B (serves 4): celery, carrots, ranch, cheddar & swiss, salami, crackers/pretzels, pickles, mixed nuts

BOX C (serves 7): celery, carrots, ranch, cheddar & swiss, salami/pepperoni, crostini/crackers, snap peas, milk/dark chocolate squares, mixed nuts

Please use the online order form below.