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Has Someone Gone the Extra Mile?

Rewarding the People Who Go Above and Beyond.

Nurses, physicians, technicians, housekeeping staff, food service and so many more; CentraState’s team of caregivers pledges to help every single person who needs us. The Grateful Patient Program is a chance to honor and celebrate the dedicated professionals who made a difference during your experience with us.

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We thank you for your support.

Please tell us about…
• the physician who answered your every question with care and compassion
• the nurse who displayed extra tenderness
• the aide who met your request before you even made it
• the technician/aid who said just the right thing at just the right time

Every story, every gift matters

Your story of care and/or your charitable gift of any amount means more to them than you can imagine. Below, see what our patients and/or their families have to say about the care provided to them at CentraState. All stories have been published with permission.

“Our family can’t thank the doctors and nurses at CentraState enough.  More specifically Drs. Tushar Tripathi and Raymond Maltaalong with the Emergency Room staff!  The care here was amazing. They saved my father’s life and showed care and compassion for my family from the minute we walked in the emergency room door.  Many thanks.”

Jennifer H. and Family, Manalapan

“Physical therapy can be very difficult but I was fortunate to have Karinne Camens as my therapist.  She was professional but very caring and supportive.  She wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and that I understood how to do the exercises.  Karinne was always thorough and always pleasant to work with.  She helped me a lot and I appreciated all she did for me.”

Ellen D., Monroe Township

“We benefited from one of CentraState’s free screenings and we are grateful for the guidance and assistance we received from Sharon Lorfing. Without her help we do not know how long it would have taken to get the necessary appointments with the physicians we needed to see. I am now undergoing follow-up care and could not be happier with the care I am receiving at all CentraState departments. Thank you Sharon, you are our angel!”

Anonymous, Jackson

“I am writing to you because my mother–who passed away at the hospital–was closely connected to CSMC. As a result, her obituary encouraged loved ones to donate to the CentraState Foundation, in lieu of flowers.

In the two years that she was at The Manor, my mother was shown extraordinary kindness by several specific individuals: Gwen Somers in the business office, Helena Berardinelli in activities, Tina Guillen the nurse supervisor, Juliana Ivory, the CNA who attended to my mother so faithfully, Barbara Codrington at the reception desk, and former social worker Kim Corwin. Each of these women showed my mother genuine love and affection and provided her with unceasing tenderness, patience, and reassurance. They each represented CSMC in the highest possible manner: the perfect combination of advanced skills, compassion, and dedication.  We will forever be in their debt, and hope that it will be possible for them to be acknowledged by CSMC for their contributions.

In addition to the loving treatment that my mother received from Gwen, Barbara, Helena, Tina, Juliana, and Kim, my mother had as good of an “end of life” experience as is possible. Ann Olsen, from Critical Care, was incredibly sensitive in guiding us through the process. Rev. Lisa Lancaster, for whom my mother had the greatest admiration, made my mother’s serenity and peace the highest priority. Lisa spent a great deal of time comforting my mother and us, through recollection of shared history and prayers for the life to come.

Dr. Vikranta Sharma, from Palliative Care, was true to her word that my mother would be provided with whatever was needed to keep her pain-free and comfortable in her final hours. Lisa Genovese, the charge nurse from 4 North, arranged for my mother to be moved to a private room, so that we could remain with my mother without distraction. Donna Deane, my mother’s nurse, was compassionate, sensitive, and extremely attentive, providing not just medication for pain, but lip balm and mouth swabs for her comfort. This echoed the exceptional end-of-life care given to my father, who passed away in the CSMC CCU in July, 2010. At that time, my husband and I made a memorial gift, both to honor him and the staff who provided such outstanding care for him.”
Teri B., Freehold

Consider a contribution

You can support CentraState Medical Center while paying tribute to your special healthcare provider— the individual who made the difference in your visit or stay. Your caregiver will recognition by acknowledgement from the Foundation that a gift has been made in his or her honor in gratitude for the care you or your loved one received. (Gift amounts are not disclosed.) To make a donation, please see the secure, online form below.

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