A System for Health

CentraState’s services span the continuum of care, from wellness and disease prevention to early detection and chronic disease management, while our medical center stands ready to treat those who require a hospital visit. Our integrated system for health helps patients and their physicians access care at the most appropriate level which promotes wellness and contains the cost of care for everyone.

At the heart of it all is LIVE LIFE WELLSM, a philosophy we embrace that benefits the patient and our community by helping people achieve and maintain their personal state of wellness. We are especially focused on three primary conditions that are prevalent in our community: heart disease, diabetes (including pre-diabetes) and obesity. When left unchecked, these conditions may ultimately lead to emergency department visits and possible admissions to the hospital. The good news is, they may be preventable when managed properly.

LIVE LIFE WELL is also personal. It could be taking Tai Chi to manage stress or meeting with a certified diabetes educator to learn how to use a new insulin pump. For some, it means working with a certified Registered Nurse Health Coach to understand how to manage hypertension. No matter the level of health, our wellness experts can help uncover what matters most to the patient and support them in setting individual goals.

Join us on our journey to Healthier Communities

CentraState is committed to community wellness. When our population is healthier, we all reap the benefits. We hope you will consider supporting this important initiative to enhance CentraState’s LIVE LIFE WELL initiative and help provide the support people need to take control of their health and well-being.