From one of our new High School Student Volunteers, Nikita Muppoor:
I had a fire in my house this morning (January 2022) in the oven during a snowstorm but we didn’t have a fire extinguisher accessible in the house. We called 911 and got out of the house and borrowed an extinguisher from my neighbors. By using the PASS method, I was able to control the fire and put it out and the firefighters came a few minutes later to check what happened. A few minutes later, it would spread to the entire house but we put out the fire just in time. Everyone is ok though and we had little damage! I just want to thank you for teaching me how to use an extinguisher during the 1/8 orientation. I definitely should have listened and checked to see if we had a fire extinguisher at home but I learned my lesson. It’s ironic since you shared a similar story but it turned out a little different for me since I didn’t have an extinguisher accessible. Thank you so much again for teaching me a valuable lesson and I’m excited to start volunteering!

To learn more about becoming a volunteer at CentraState, please click here or call 732-294-2622