Tired of walking miles in the freezing cold to get to work? NOT ANYMORE! Buy a box for $10.00 and win a parking pass near the Greenhouse Café for the ENTIRE YEAR! It is as easy as picking a number 1 through 100!!

If you would like to pay with credit card using the online form below, you can submit your chosen number in the box provided in the online form.   If you would rather pay with cash or check, please  e-mail Elizabeth at enavas@centrastate.com to have your name placed in that box and you can submit your cash or check payment by interoffice mail to the Foundation Office.

View the box below with numbers from 1-100.  Those with a red X in them have already been taken.  Every effort is made to keep this box updated, however it is not in real-time so it is possible your chosen number may have already been taken.  You will be notified by the Foundation Office if you chosen number has been taken.

Thank you for your support and good luck!!!!